“Omigod you guys” “Legally Blonde” is “What you want”


Faith Lutheran’s Tyler Owen leads the cast of Legally Blonde, playing Emmett opposite Elle Woods performed by Maddy Appleyard of Palo Verde High School at the Summerlin Library.

“Omigod you guys”! Broadway Bound has done it again and put on a truly epic show with “Legally Blonde The Musical.” With a total of 12 shows, closing night was just as energetic and enthusiastic as opening night. The cast had me on the edge of my seat the whole show and there was not one moment where I wanted the production to end.

Maddy Appleyard, Elle Woods in the Blue Cast, delivered nothing short of a fantastic performance. Appleyard put emotion into every song and moment, making the audience feel everything right along with Elle.

Tyler Owen embodied the character of Emmett Forrest perfectly. In the beginning, Owen made it obvious he was skeptical of Elle’s presence at Harvard, but as an audience member you could tell he was curious about Elle, and due to his kind nature, he gave her a chance. Owen gave the perfect balance of emotion, and sang every song with a soft conviction that left the audience wanting more.

If you love good one liners, then you would have loved Grace Parker’s, Paulette Bonafonte. Parker brought the comical character to life, and gave the common person someone to relate to throughout the story.

The Delta Nu Greek chorus provided comic relief throughout the musical and added details that made me feel like I was watching a professional show. The dynamic trio of the Greek Chorus was Elle’s best friends, Serena, Margot, and Pilar, played by Elliana Karris, Delaney Sylvester, and Leah Butler. These three ladies were hilarious, bringing life and laughter to the stage; truly defining what it means to be a sorority sister.

The music in this show is not easy to perform vocally and the cast as a whole killed each song. For high school level students to perform these vocally demanding songs was impressive in their own right, and add in the killer choreography by Ashley Oblad in numbers like, “What You Want,” “Positive,” and “Whipped into Shape” made it all the more impressive.

Oblad’s dance numbers mixed with the contagious beats of the songs made me want to get up on stage and dance along with the cast.

If you missed the upbeat, heartfelt show, I highly encourage you see Broadway Bound’s next production, “Mamma Mia”, which opens spring of 2019. Personally, I’ve seen 4 Broadway Bound Productions, and all of them have exceeding my highest expectations.

‘Snaps’ to the directors, Michael Vojvodich and Alex Cheney, and the whole cast and crew. Bravo!