Crusader Chronicle

2018-2019 Staff

Erich Bretthauer

Staff Writer

Erich will be a sophomore at Faith Lutheran this year. This will be his first year working on the FLNN and Crusader Chronicle. He enjoys writing and interviewing people about sports. He likes playing soccer in his free time.

Emily Bartlett

Staff Writer

Emily Bartlett is a freshman at Faith Lutheran and has been a student here since 6th grade. Broadcast Journalism has always been an interest to her. She loves being on camera and working behind the scenes. Outside of school, Emily...

Jace Brantley

Staff Writer

Jace Brantley is a senior at Faith Lutheran. He has been at Faith for 3 years and this is his first year working with the Faith Lutheran News Network and Crusader Chronicle. Jace has a strong passion for politics and world eve...

Erica Schwartz

Staff Writer

Erica Schwartz is a freshman at Faith and she is 14 years old. She attends Faith Lutheran High School. Erica is a black belt in Taekwondo and has been doing it for seven years. She plays Lacrosse for Faith and hopes to make the...

Jazmear Ware

Staff Writer

Jazmear Ware is a Freshman at Faith Lutheran. This will be his first year working with the FLNN and the Crusader Chronicle. Jazmear is very excited to be on the team because as he said “He wants to hear peoples opinions on things...

Ally Weber

Staff Writer

Ally Weber is a senior and is going into her 7th year at Faith Lutheran. This will be her first year working with The Crusader Chronicle as well as FLNN. She looks forward to learning what goes on behind the scenes on the media....

Sydney Fredrickson

Staff Writer

Sydney is a junior at Faith. This will be Sydney’s first year doing broadcast journalism. She is excited to get to learn the process of how to interview people, how to properly write an article, how to be on camera and work behi...

Andrew Misherfi

Staff Writer

Andrew Misherfi is a freshman at Faith. This is his 3rd year in News Broadcasting. He really likes working behind the scenes with a camera. He loves working on the stream team and streaming sport games live for the world to watch.

Haley Lilla

Staff Writer

Haley Lilla is a senior  and has been attending Faith since sixth grade. She is involved with The Kenya Project, ITS, the Conservatory, Honors Institute, National Honors Society, and ViSA. This is Haley’s first time being apart...

Hunter Phelps

Staff Writer

Hunter Phelps is currently a sophomore this 2018-2019 school year. This will be his 5th year attending Faith Lutheran. In the past, Hunter has experience with Broadcast Journalism. In his 8th Grade year at Faith, he attended the ...

Lorenzo Blanco

Staff Writer

Lorenzo Blanco is a freshman at Faith Lutheran who has attended Faith since 6th grade. He is entering his second year in broadcast journalism classes and can't wait to get back in the newsroom. He also participates in lacrosse...

Holly Edgington

Staff Writer

Holly Edgington is a sophomore at Faith and is a member of the faith varsity cheer team.Holly is excited to be apart of the Broadcast Journalism class for the first time this year. She is excited to be on camera and interview...

Shayne Saragosa

Staff Writer

Shayne Saragosa is a sophomore, entering her third year at Faith Lutheran. She joined the FLNN and Crusader Chronicle staff last year, and continued this after her first year of loving the class. Shayne enjoys editing, writing...

Jack Gentile

Staff Writer

Jack Gentile is a freshman at Faith Lutheran. He took News Broadcasting for a year in middle school, but is now ready for a more advanced journalism experience. Jack is very interested in the world of media and learning new things...

Immanuel Neeley

Staff Writer

Immanuel Neeley is a freshman at Faith Lutheran High School. He loves training and perfecting everything he takes on. One day, he hopes to become a wealthy individual, passionate about what he does. He has a love for being on...

Myles Penix

Staff Writer

Myles Penix is a Sophomore at Faith Lutheran High School and has been attending Faith since 9th Grade. He did broadcasting in middle school for 3 years, and also worked on a yearbook prior to attending Faith. Myles has always...

Natalie Price

Staff Writer

Natalie Price is a junior and has been attending Faith Lutheran since sixth grade. Natalie is apart of the Varsity Cheer and Varsity Lacrosse Team. Natalie is interested in Broadcast Journalism because she wants to meet new people...

Ava Ballagh

Staff Writer

Ava Ballagh is a sophomore at Faith and is in her third year of broadcast journalism. She is taking broadcasting because she hopes to pursue either journalism or television production in college and as a career. Ava is also a...

Blake Cheater

Staff Writer

Blake, a sophomore at Faith Lutheran, is entering his fourth year at Faith and his first year in Broadcast Journalism. He hopes to meet interesting people and develop his journalistic skills while taking the class.  Blake is a part ...

Carson Hersh

Staff Writer

Carson Hersh is a Freshman student at Faith Lutheran. He is an athlete who plays football for Faith. Carson is taking Broadcast Journalism because he thought it would be fun and educational. In the future, he would like to be...

Jacob Rana

Staff Writer

Jake Rana is a sophomore at Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School in Las Vegas. He has been attending Faith since 6th grade. Jake loves to play soccer, to be with his friends and family, and also enjoys songwriting and...

Alayna Thomas

Staff Writer

Alayna Thomas is a freshman at Faith Lutheran. She is a member of the Mark 10:14 program. She is taking broadcast journalism because she loves to interview students and teachers around the school.

Courtney Martin

Staff Writer

Courtney Martin is a Junior and has been attending Faith Lutheran since 6th grade. She participates in Faith Tennis, DECA, and the B&E program. This is her first year in Broadcast Journalism. She is taking Broadcast Journa...

Ryan Wischmeyer

Staff Writer

Ryan Wischmeyer, junior, is now attending his sixth year at Faith Lutheran.  This is Ryan’s second year in broadcast journalism. He is very passionate about filming and editing stories.  Outside of school, Ryan likes to listen...

Heather Bormann

Staff Writer

Heather Bormann, a junior at FLHS, will be attending her 5th year at Faith. She is excited to be apart of the honor broadcast journalism class, to learn and experience some new things on and off the camera. When she's not in the...

Yasha Chapman

Staff Writer

Yasha Chapman is a senior at Faith Lutheran. He is here as an international student from the Netherlands. He is very excited to be in the honors broadcast journalism class and is looking forward to being in the broadcast once...

Gavin Steck

Staff Writer

Gavin Steck is a Junior at Faith Lutheran. He joined News Broadcasting to experience a new way of journalism reporting. This year, he hopes to experience all he can in the newsroom to hopefully discover what he's passionate about....

Jenna Wieners

Staff Writer

Jenna Wieners is a sophomore at Faith that enjoys skiing, biking, and above all, time with her friends. Jenna loves the opportunities broadcasting provides her to meet new people, and can’t wait to step out of her comfort zone...

Denida Rahmani

Staff Writer

Denida Rahmani is currently a sophomore at Faith Lutheran. She first took a journalism class as a seventh grader in the form of News Broadcasting and continued in High School taking Broadcast Journalism during her freshman year....

Grace Jacobson

Staff Writer

Grace Jacobson, who is a sophomore, is entering second year at Faith Lutheran. This is her second year working in the Film and Broadcasting Academy, and she is very excited to learn more about reporting. For her profession she would li...

Bailey Friel

Staff Writer

Bailey Friel, a senior at FLHS, will be attending her 7th and final year at Faith. Bailey is the Student Body President, and is also involved in DECA, ViSA, honors institute, and National Honors Society. She enjoys reporting on...

Madyson DeSpain

Sports Editor

Madyson, senior at Faith Lutheran, is in her fourth year of broadcast journalism. Maddy is a reporter and anchor in the Film and Broadcast Academy. She is passionate about sports broadcasting, and is comfortable working in front...

Marcello Blanco

Sports Editor

Marcello Blanco is a senior who has attended Faith since 6th grade, and has been a part of News Broadcasting since 8th grade. He is the sports editor for the Crusader Chronicle, and also anchors for the weekly news and live sportin...

Anna Massari

Co-Editor in Chief

Anna Massari, is a junior this year. Broadcast Journalism has always been an interest to her, and she loves being both in front of the camera, and behind it. Anna also plays volleyball, basketball, and track for Faith. In the fu...

Lindsey Langridge

News Editor

Lindsey Langridge is an aspiring journalist attending her junior year at Faith Lutheran High School. When she’s not writing, in her free time, Lindsey loves to hang out with friends and read. This is Lindsey’s second year...

Shae Turner

Editor in Chief

Shae is the current Editor-in-chief of the Crusader Chronicle and main anchor woman of the FLNN. Shae is in her sixth year of written journalism reporting and fourth year of broadcast journalism reporting. Shae is very passionate...

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