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2017-2018 Staff

Wesley Gaspar

Staff Writer

Wesley Gaspar is a senior at Faith Lutheran; this will be his first year working with the Faith Lutheran News Network and the Crusader Chronicle. Wesley is a newcomer to the world of media and is excited to learn about the process...

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Courtney Wardle

Staff Writer

Courtney Wardle is entering her senior year at Faith Lutheran; over her years here she has been very involved in activities including DECA, Mock Trial, Moot Court, and soccer. In her free time Courtney does a lot of yoga and likes...

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Alessia Nezhati

Staff Writer

Alessia, a senior, has attended Faith Lutheran for two years now. She took broadcast media class in middle school and loved it, so she decided to pursue it now. She is involved in Faith’s choir program and Student Leadership...

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Bailey Friel

Staff Writer

Bailey Friel, a junior at FLHS, will be attending her 6th year at Faith. Bailey is the junior class president, and she is also a member of varsity volleyball, honors institute, and National Honors Society. She is excited to be...

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Marcello Blanco

Staff Writer

Marcello Blanco is a junior who has attended Faith since 6th grade.He has been in News Broadcasting since 8th grade, and now is in Independent News Correspondence Honors. He participates in Varsity Lacrosse for Faith Lutheran, w...

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Sarah Butler


Sarah Butler, currently a senior at Faith Lutheran, is now entering her seventh year at Faith. Sarah started Broadcast Journalism in the eighth grade because she loves meeting new people through the class and exploring the world...

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Ty Monroe

Staff Writer

Ty Monroe, senior, is in his second year of Broadcast Journalism. Ty is going into his second year at Faith and is on the football team. He enjoys playing football and enjoys relaxing with his friends. He hopes to pursue a career...

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Myles Bauman

Staff Writer

Myles Bauman, junior, has been going to Faith Lutheran since 6th grade. He joined Broadcast Journalism because he is interested in editing and putting together stories, as well as being a camera man for a news station. He hopes t...

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Isaac Ng

Staff Writer

Isaac Ng, a senior, has attended Faith Lutheran for three years. This is his second year in broadcast journalism and he is looking forward to reporting the latest sports news. Isaac joined broadcast journalism because he is interested...

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Brennan McLaurin

Staff Writer

Brennan McLaurin, junior, is in his 5th year attending Faith Lutheran. This is his second year in Broadcast Journalism and he is looking forward to it. Brennan loves playing baseball and basketball, and has been playing since...

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Sagan Gronauer

Staff Writer

Sagan Gronauer, junior, is in his second year of Broadcast Journalism. Sagan has been attending Faith Lutheran since his freshman year. Sagan likes to report on sports and interesting topics. He loves to be with friends. He plays...

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Stephen Schneider

Staff Writer

Stephen Schneider is a senior, and this is his second year of working with FLNN and Crusader Chronicle, but his 5th year working in the media world. He also does Model U.N. at Faith.  Outside of Faith, Stephen is a music producer,...

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Chase Holmes

Technical Director

Chase Holmes, Senior, is in his fifth year of Broadcast Journalism. He enjoys the technical side of producing the newscast, and can be found editing, filming, or operating the tricaster. His interests are mainly in the world of poli...

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Anna Massari

Staff Writer

Anna Massari, is a sophomore this year. Broadcast Journalism has always been an interest to her, and she loves being both in front of the camera, and behind it. Anna also plays volleyball, basketball, and track for Faith. In the fu...

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Kaya Thomas


Kaya, senior, has been attending Faith Lutheran for 7 years now. She took Broadcast Journalism in middle school and enjoyed it so much she decided to take it again in high school. She plays lacrosse and enjoys hanging out with...

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Lindsey Langridge

Staff Writer

Lindsey Langridge is a sophomore attending her second year at Faith Lutheran. She currently plays on the varsity volleyball team, and plans on pursuing volleyball throughout high school. Lindsey loves spending time with friends, volu...

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Madyson DeSpain

Staff Writer

Madyson, junior at Faith Lutheran, is in her third year of broadcast journalism. Maddy enjoys playing volleyball for Faith, and her club team. She is passionate about sports broadcasting, and is comfortable working in front of...

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Timothy Ng

Staff Writer

Timothy Ng, sophomore, has been attending Faith Lutheran since 6th grade. He is looking forward to being apart of the broadcast journalism team for a second year. Timothy loves playing basketball year-round. He enjoys hanging ou...

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Sophia Rubino

Staff Writer

Sophia Rubino, sophomore, is in her fifth year at Faith, and her second year taking broadcast journalism. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and four pets. Sophia is also a competitive swimmer on Las Vegas Swim...

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Eric Ho

Staff Writer

Eric Ho, sophomore, has been at Faith Lutheran since 6th grade. He plays football and runs track. Eric likes to be friends with everyone and to listen to all types of music. Eric is interested in Broadcast Journalism because...

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Shae Turner

Staff Writer

Shae is the current Editor-in-chief of the Crusader Chronicle and FLNN. Shae is in her fifth year of journalistic reporting for Faith and third year of broadcast journalism reporting. Shae is very passionate about writing, and...

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Ian McFarlane

Staff Writer

Ian is a senior at Faith Lutheran where he spends his time playing lacrosse and running cross country. He is also involved in Crusader Crazies, Peer Mentors, Key Club, Social Norms, Investigative News Correspondence, and is involved...

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Connor Paravia

Staff Writer

Conor Paravia, senior, is in his third year of broadcasting. This year he is in Independent News Correspondence. He enjoys pre-calculus, Anatomy, and vocal ensemble. Conor enjoys being a journalist because he likes to get opinions...

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