Students have private options for baptism ceremony


Dr. Buuck

Krystal Peterson is baptized during chapel.


Every year, Faith Lutheran offers the chance for students to choose to be baptized. Baptism is an act of obedience – an outward symbol of an inner commitment to follow Jesus Christ. It is a public display of a private decision to allow Jesus to be the Lord of one’s life. Students can be baptized during chapel with many people as witnesses or they can choose a more private setting.

Students are given the option to be baptized privately because some may feel more comfortable engaging in this act in a more private setting without an audience. Zachary Richardson, a senior at Faith, said “I personally chose to be baptized privately because I had an intense fear of being on stage in front of crowds such as those that attend chapel. I wanted my baptism to be a peaceful and enjoyable experience, not one I would remember with fear, so I chose private.”

Although some may have a fear of standing on stage, some students, like Krystal Peterson,  choose to have their baptism in front of the school in chapel. “I decided to get baptized during school, to share the experience with my teachers and friends who helped me get to where I am an accepting Jesus.”

Religion teachers suggest that sometimes participating in religious activities at Faith is convenient for students if they don’t attend church outside of school. For kids like Pierce Taylor, “I was baptized at school just because it was the most convenient. I had been wanting to get baptized for a while and planned on getting baptized last year, but was out of town during the baptism chapel.

Overall students at Faith have the opportunity each year of getting baptized and can share the act of faith with the rest of the Crusader family. If you are interested it getting baptized at next year’s baptism, talk to your religion teacher.