Chapel Heads Online due to COVID Regulations


An advisory class watching chapel together.

Chapel is and always will be a central and important part of the culture here at Faith, however chapel is going to look a little different this year because of COVID-19 regulations.

Because of state mandates, large gatherings are not allowed in the Las Vegas valley or on our school campus. However, Faith staff is not letting this stop our weekly chapels. Chapel is being reinvented in order to be put into a 25 minute video to fit into our advisory period.

Chapel will look a little different being projected on a screen instead of on a stage, but all the regular parts of a chapel; Bible readings, skits, prayers, and worship songs will still be present.

“Chapel is such an important part of life at Faith and to our culture here, that it’s difficult for me, personally, to hand over control to the whims of an Internet connection, or even other people,” said Ms. Gieseke, one of the high school Applied teachers.

The Applied classes have been hard at work this past week to prepare the first few chapels of the 2020-2021 school year. Not only does a chapel have to be prepared in advance like normal, the entire chapel has to be recorded and edited together in a way that makes sense and troubleshoots any anticipated technology issues.

“Previously, we could practice the class period before chapel and meet early that morning to go over it. Now we have to have all the elements filmed, created, and collected days in advance so they can be edited together,” said Ms. Gieseke.

Faith Lutheran is relying very heavily on technology during this time of hybrid learning and making chapel happen is no different. It is a great thing to be able to use technology especially in the time we are in now, but the problem is sometimes technology is unreliable. Wifi issues, the inability to use airplay or Apple TV, or a problem hearing the audio are just a few of the problems that could come with trying to watch something school wide over the internet.

“I don’t really like that there will be some weeks that some classes don’t see it for no other reason than the Internet was bad, or their teacher was having problems,” said Gieseke.

The other issue Applied classes have run into this year that wouldn’t normally be an problem is that because Faith Lutheran is hybrid learning, classes are split into two cohorts. Communication is difficult when half a class is online and half is in person.

“It is hard because the class is split so each chapel has only half the kids,” said Adelaide Rau, a FLHS senior and Applied student.

Despite the challenges, Applied classes as well as the rest of the school are making the best out of the situation and still have a positive outlook on chapel and its positive impact on our school. Many Applied students like Patrick Park still believe that Applied is making a positive impact.

“I think [chapel] is a great opportunity to give God’s message in a more unique and creative way. It shows us it is possible to have fellowship without congregating in a big group,” said Patrick Park, a FLHS senior and Applied student.

Even students not in Applied classes, just watching chapel from their advisories, believe that this online chapel format might actually be helping students engage in weekly services.

Sophomore Kiera Bala said she thinks online chapel is a perfect solution to worship while being safe and maintaining a worshiping environment, “my advisory sings along and I think everyone pays more attention in chapel now.”

The school year is going to be challenging with all the changes brought by COVID 19, but it looks like the Applied classes have chapel’s new format covered and the rest of the school and there to support chapel and its success along the way.

“Fortunately, we are blessed here at Faith Lutheran with a staff and faculty that love the Lord and love talking to their students about what Christ has done for that,” said Gieseke, “I can’t think of anyone I would rather partner with this year!”