Praying attention to our Lord


Photo caption: Informing students to respect the Lord during the morning prayer. Photo by: Jessica Schumacher.

Morning prayer at Faith Lutheran is a great way for students and faculty to worship, and put a little Jesus in the mornings.

“It sets the tone for what Faith is all about and it keeps the focus on Jesus,” said Mrs. Jorgensen.

Morning prayer was initially created to “Bring [students] together every morning, in a faith-based way, to put a little Jesus into our days together and as a whole school. It’s always good to start [the day] with the word of God, give him thanks, and remind ourselves that without, Him we are nothing,” said senior Liva Faselt.

The Student Leadership Team created this daily prayer last year as a way to worship God. Unfortunately, as time goes on, it seems as if students are becoming less reverent while their fellow students are praying over the intercom. Some students do not even stop in the hallways during prayer. Thankfully, recent surveys show that 67% of students do stop and bow their heads in reverence to the Lord, as they should.

Many factors play into why students are not stopping in the morning for prayer. Students “Don’t hear the prayer on the speaker. Often [the noise] gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the morning,” said sophomore Tyler Christiansen. Another reason is that “They have prioritized other things like getting to class or talking to friends,” over stopping and praying, said Christiansen.

Teachers are contributing by making students stop walking in the hallways and “stopping students from talking in classrooms while prayer is going on,” said Faselt.

It is important for teachers to stop students from disrespecting the Lord during prayer “because whether students believe in praying or not,” said Jorgensen. “They need to respect the other kids who are focusing on their relationships with God.”

According to faculty, prayer is very important at Faith Lutheran, and they ask us to please give proper respect to God during prayer every morning.