Faith Lutheran Middle School Presents “Frozen Jr.”


The cast of Faith Lutheran’s production of Frozen Jr. takes a final bow.

If you are looking for a relaxing night out, a lighthearted show, with a result of having a little normalcy in our crazy lives lately, a Faith Lutheran musical is perfect for you! Faith Lutheran presents Disney’s Frozen Jr.

The show Disney’s Frozen was enjoyable to watch and the humor was perfect for all ages to enjoy. The cast did such a good job projecting their voices beautifully to the audience. Even though they were wearing masks, they were still easily heard by the audience.

The choreography, acting and singing were very well done, and the show went smoothly for being one of the first plays back since the recent Covid-19 pandemic. The inside of the theatre was a comfortable feeling with the plush seats, the dimming of the lights, and friends and family around me (spaced out) to enjoy the show together.

Even with the crazy times going on right now we are able to watch a live performance! All Covid guidelines were followed to keep us safe and to enjoy the show. All actors were required to wear a mask. Each person in the theatre was spaced out by one empty seat between one another, and it is a great way to safely have a night out with family and friends.

It has been a long time since we have finally been able to gather and see a live performance with many talented actors. The show ran between 7:00-8:30 P.M., located at Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School Chapel of the Performing Arts Center. It cost $25 per ticket and it was worth every dollar. In my opinion, my favorite character in the show was Chloe Antheaume who played Olaf. She did a very good job interacting with the audience and making the whole crowd laugh.

We were able to congratulate all the actors after the show in the lobby of the Chapel of the Performing Arts Center and were able to talk, laugh, and take photos all together with a content and normalcy feeling. I would 100% recommend a Faith Lutheran musical to all age groups, and families.

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Beauty and the Beast runs Thursday- Sunday, April 15-19, 2021 with several showtimes on the weekend.