Coraline Comes Alive On Stage


The cast and crew of “Coraline”.

If you’ve seen the movie “Coraline” you know that it is not your average animated film for kids.  Coraline is better described as a “PG- horror show – animation with a dark side.” The Faith Lutheran Conservatory recently closed a production of “Coraline” and represented that perfectly. The show was directed by Mr. Christian Escobar and Mr. James Carosone. 

The story of “Coraline” involves a girl who goes through a secret door in her new home and discovers a whole new dream world; everything looks the same in the setting but the people and animals all have button eyes and act as their best selves. The makeup and costumes were very detailed and intricate. No matter where you were in the audience you could see how well the make up was done. The costumes compared closely with those used in the movie but with the costume team adding its own special twists that were appropriate for the stage. For example, the animal characters were played by students who carried puppets but took on animal characteristics. This was a super creative way to make animals come alive on stage.

The set was well designed for easy access for actors in every scene and the entire space was used to showcase different backgrounds.. It was a key part of the story-line to have a tiny door which Coraline could go through. When she went through the door, she entered the kitchen which included a stove top, refrigerator, oven, and dining table. Coraline’s bed was reversible, one side was the button eyed crazy perfect world and the other was her real life.  This moving set piece spun around and had a crawl space through the middle for quick scene changes.  Similarly, Coraline’s father’s work desk turned into a piano when flipped around. The neighboring apartments were also highlighted in scenes on platforms.

The actors in this production did extremely well. Coraline, the main character, was played by Emma Galvin. Galvin showed the audience what it was like to be neglected by everyone and alone all the time as an only child. She did a marvelous job showcasing the range of emotions a child would experience and had some great comedic lines that drew a laugh from the audience. The way the actors portray their characters was very similar to the film.  They moved seamlessly from the characters in the “normal” world to the dreamlike characters with exaggerated personalities on the other side of the door. 

Overall, this was an entertaining and fun production for audiences of all ages.  The show was told perfectly and Faith’s Theater program has done it again. For tickets and showtimes for the next performances of plays and musicals click this link.