Rainbow of Flavor at the Sugar Factory


The Sugar Factory Rainbow Sliders and the Virgin Lollipop Passion is a great way to go if you visit the Sugar Factory.

The Sugar Factory is a restaurant on the strip that focuses on colorful, sweet, sugary food to sell to its customers. I have gone here multiple times and every time they do not fail to impress.

In my opinion, the best dish on the menu is the Rainbow Sliders.  These little burgers are simple, yet the flavor is immaculate. The buns are delightful colors of red, green, purple, blue, and yellow. The dish itself is colorful and bright, served with a signature Sugar Factory rubber duck. The presentation is splendid. Whatever toppings or condiments you choose to put on, they will provide.

The burgers are fun and cute, and they provide enough to fulfill your appetite. The juiciness of the mini patty on the slider spreads across all taste buds and leaves you begging for more. The Sugar Factory Rainbow Sliders are perfect for those who are picky or non-picky eaters.

For a beverage to go with it the Virgin Lollipop Passion is my recommendation. Once again, the presentation with this mocktail is great. Real lollipops are placed inside of the drink to add to the presentation and flavor. The waiters will pour the drink into the glass in front of you, so that you can experience the smoke rise from the drink when it reacts with the dry ice.

If you’re looking for a way to have fun with friends and family or by yourself while eating food, The Sugar Factory is the place for you.