Apple Music Versus Spotify


Spotify playing on the left phone and Apple Music playing on the right phone.

It seems like everybody now has either Apple Music or Spotify, but which one do people think is better? I think Apple Music is much superior.

There are many reasons why I believe this. The main reason is that Apple Music is more aesthetically pleasing. The way Apple Music is set up, it’s straightforward to navigate, while Spotify isn’t as easy to navigate. Even though Spotify is more popular, I believe Apple Music is much better. 

In a poll posted on Snapchat, out of 70 people who voted, 62 percent voted that Spotify was better; 32 percent said that they liked Apple Music better. Then, I decided to see how many users were on each platform. After researching, I found that 88 million users are on Apple Music and 443 million users use Spotify. This is because Spotify is a free streaming platform, while Apple Music is five to fifteen dollars a month. 

Even though Spotify is free, it also has many ads. For every three songs, there are one to two minutes of ads, which can get annoying very fast. Every time you want to play a specific song, it doesn’t allow you to do that. It will play a station with songs like the song you want to listen to, or you will have to listen to a playlist of random shuffled songs. You have to skip through songs to get to the specific song you want to play. The problem with this is that Spotify only lets you skip six songs every hour. So if the particular song you want is not in the first six songs, you might not be able to hear it.

Spotify’s pros are that it keeps its users entertained with fun new features where users can see which songs they have listened to the most that month. Apple Music may not have a recap of the songs you listen to monthly, but it does have it yearly, showing you the songs, albums, genres, and artists you have listened to yearly. Even though Apple Music is five dollars a month, users don’t have to deal with pesky ads while listening to their favorite songs. Apple Music has a much cleaner layout and format than Spotify, making it easier to look at. Either way, Spotify and Apple Music are currently the biggest music platforms in the world and will always be going head-to-head with each other. However, in my opinion, Apple Music stays on top.