Post Malone Fact and Fiction


Post Malone performing at Life is Beautiful in September of 2019.

Recently in the media, famous rapper, Post Malone has been a big hype with the way he acts and his strong emotions on stage. Many people thought that he had been suffering from addiction, and drug/alcohol abuse. All over the social media platform, Tik Tok, fans posted his concerts and pointing out his strange behavior on stage. People believed that he needed help, especially after other rappers have passed away due to things such as drug abuse. Fans were concerned for his mental heath as well. On March 6th, in Memphis during one of his concerts, he interrupted his own performance to come clean about his mental heath and sobriety. He feels fantastic now, and is not on any sort of drugs. His quirky actions are just part of his performance. Post Malone is a prominent artist today. He is currently on tour and is due to come to Las Vegas. On March 14th, Post Malone is performing at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on his Runaway Tour, though this may be postponed.