Behind the Scenes of Homecoming


Homecoming is a time for high school students to dance, spend time with friends, and most importantly make memories, but have you ever wondered what goes into making dances so amazing? Countless hours of hard work and preparation all start with the high school Student Leadership team. This group of students has been hard at work since before the school year even began.

“We’ve all been working on the dance since the summer,” said Ava Williams.

This school year, the Homecoming theme is Netflix, a Faith original. This idea has a lot of students wondering how the group came up with such a creative theme.

“All of us had to make a Powerpoint presentation with a different theme and then we voted on which theme we wanted,” said Ava Williams.

Once the theme for the dance was set, it is time for the planning to start. The leadership team separates into four committees of decorations, food, publicity, and activities. Once the team members have the committee that they are assigned to, they spend their time planning in their specific area.

After weeks of hard work and preparation, the Friday before the Homecoming dance comes around, and it is time to set up for the event.

“Student Leadership members leave the Homecoming football game about halfway through and start setting up the dance until around midnight. On the day of the dance, we all come back around 8 am and continue setting up until around 2 pm. [It is] about ten hours of setting up in total,” said Ava Chernine.

These students actually enjoy and are excited to make this event happen for their peers.

“My favorite part of planning the dance is being able to work with the [Student Council] team and my friends. [I enjoy] getting my own ideas and others shared,” said Samantha MacIntyre.

However, this event brings a lot of stress for the Leadership team as there is so much to get done in such a small amount of time.

“The hardest part is estimating how many people will show up to the dance. We have to be careful because we need to make sure we have enough supplies for everyone,” said Ava Chernine.

All of this behind the scenes work from the Student Leadership team leads to Faith students having a great time at all of the school’s yearly dances. Thank you Student Leadership team for all your hard work!