Taking Action for More Safety


Safety in schools has been a high priority and concern for students, parents and faculty. Faith Lutheran takes many precautions to keep its students safe as well as the faculty and staff. Faith Lutheran Middle School Principal Sarah Harper said, “Campus safety during the school day and at school events is a top priority for us.”

Triumph Security is the outside company that Faith has contracted with to keep our campus safe. The school is also looking to hire a personal security guard that would be present within the campus.

Staff members and faculty play a big role in keeping our school safe and controlled. Crisis Go is an app that lets teachers communicate, take attendance, and reunify and contact parents in any drill or situation. While teachers are required to have their door locked at all times, that doesn’t always happen. Next year Faith is going to have magnetic door stops to close quickly in the event of an emergency situation. Also, crisis plans are in place to help mitigate any damage or harm caused during an emergency. Students and faculty are encouraged to report any unusual or suspicious activity or someone without a badge from the office.

When the campus was first built in 1979, it was not guarded or surrounded with any gates. Now the whole campus is gated, locked, and guard gated in some areas. “As we grow our enrollment we have to keep growing in our security,” said Harper. Vigilance is key, and Harper continued “there are places that are vulnerable on campus and we always want to make an effort to make everyone as secure as possible,”