Southwest Airlines: Is It Worth It?


A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Crosses in front of a British Airways Airbus A380 at San Francisco International Airport.

Do you want to fly for a low price but still get a free drink and checked bag? Do you want free seating as well? Well then, Southwest Airlines is ideal for you!

I’ve used Southwest Airlines for as long as I can remember flying. I never realized how much freedom I had until I took another airline with assigned seating one time.

All coach and free seating are luxuries for air travel, but over all, Southwest airlines isn’t luxurious. The prices are low for a reason. Results of this include low quality food and drink, and an unreliable booking system. The food isn’t entirely Southwest’s fault; food tastes blander at higher altitudes, because of a neurological connection between your ears and your tongue. Regardless of the science, I’ve eaten their food on the ground as well, and it’s not the best.

The seats on this aircraft are good for short commute flights, but not for cross-country flights. The seats only go back a few inches and are literally a pain in the back. If you want a more comfortable seat, I’d suggest putting a little more money into a non-budget airline. Bigger airlines also have TVs on the back of each seat. Now THAT’s my kind of flight!

I don’t travel long distances by plane very much, so Southwest is fine for me. I never go on a flight that’s more than an hour or so. After that, your back will start to hurt. Overall, however, I highly recommend Southwest Airlines over any other budget airline. Their staff is very well trained when something does go wrong, and they have one of the best safety ratings of any airline in the world. I give 4.5 stars to this convenient, affordable, and friendly airline.