Journey to a Black Belt


Photo of the Eagle Taekwondo instructors.

As a little girl, I grew up watching videos upon videos on Youtube that were filled with the craziest stunts and tricks. These videos would always leave me in awe; what if I could do that myself? So one day, I went up to my mother and practically begged her to find a place where I could learn to do those types of kicks and self-defense movements. I ended up at Eagle Taekwondo.

Where to start? From the beginning, since I waltzed into the dojo, I sensed that something was different about this place. To say the least, I was a shy child and refused to socialize with anyone unless I absolutely had to. Yet the room that was filled with giggling and smiling faces somehow made me feel safe, and before I knew it, days and years started flying by. 

The instructors themselves changed and expanded, and the number of people at the school grew and grew. Although, I still remember the instructors when I first started: kind and sincere, strict yet encouraging. They would always remind us to not fight for no reason but to fight in defense and protection…and at times they would choose random moments to explain to the class some things that they should always live by as a student of taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. 

In regards to the classes themselves, they’re filled with workouts and exercises that are designed to get more difficult as you progress through the belts. Although no matter how difficult it gets, the instructors are always there to cheer you on and help you push through it. 

Currently, I’m in a black belt class (which is for students who are a belt away from a black belt or are already a black belt) that consists of challenging exercises and conditioning that is sure to leave a person drained and sore by the end of it. Even so, I always return to the classes to see my Eagle Taekwondo family, regardless of how difficult it may get.

All in all, it can be said that Eagle Taekwondo is special in its own way. From the instructors to the students, everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming, always able to create an environment that feels similar to your own home. Suppose you want to find a good martial arts school (specifically taekwondo). In that case, Eagle Taekwondo is certainly the place for you, and you’re sure to get a guaranteed memorable experience. 100% a five-star worthy martial arts school.