Las Vegas Introduces Professional Lacrosse Team


Recently news broke that Las Vegas is getting their very own National Lacrosse League team, the Desert Dogs. As one of the fastest-growing sports on the west coast, the new team coming to Vegas means big things for the lacrosse community and Las Vegas’ growing professional sports industry. Introducing pro lacrosse is a new concept to most Las Vegas locals, leaving many with the question; what is box lacrosse? 

University of Maryland Lacrosse alumni and head coach of Faith Lutheran men’s lacrosse team Max Schmidt tells more,

“It’s still lacrosse, just on an indoor inclosed rink. There is a lot more physicality; actually fighting at the professional level is legal. Very similar to the rules of hockey; just a bit different.” 

The development and success of Las Vegas’ professional sports teams in recent years, such as the Golden Knights and Raiders, leave expectations high for what the new sports team will bring to Vegas. “It adds value to the game. It adds value to the players that are playing the game so that they can look up to people who are playing their sport at a high level and are making a living doing so. It adds intrinsic value to the Vegas lacrosse community as a whole,” said Coach Max Schmidt.

It is exciting for many youth lacrosse players to have guys they can look up to that play the same sport they do at the next level. The addition of the Desert Dogs to Vegas’ collection of professional sports teams will hopefully help tremendously grow our lacrosse community.

“It’s pretty cool that now I’ll be able to actually go and watch professional lacrosse. I’ve grown up on this sport and I’m happy it’s now getting some recognition,” Clay Ohlson, a Las Vegas Starz lacrosse player said.

Lacrosse is pretty scarce on the west coast and only heavily prevalent on the east coast, where there is much more opportunity. Bringing the Desert Dogs to Vegas hopefully will draw more interest to the sport and grow the opportunities for young, upcoming players. 

“I’m gonna go out to the first game with a few of my teammates to see what it’s about, but I think that it will be fun,” Alexis Bishop, Faith Lutheran women’s varsity lacrosse player, says. You can come out and support your Las Vegas Desert Dogs at their home opener on December 16 at Michelob Ultra Arena. A successful inaugural season is anticipated for the Las Vegas Desert Dogs.