At Dead of Night


One of the many fast-growing franchises in the gaming world today is the horror game genre. Horror games have been a large part of developing what gaming is seen as today and one of the most notable and recent games is a game entitled, “At Dead of Night”. 

The game is labeled as a Full Motion Video (FMV) and relies on prerecorded video to carry the player throughout the gameplay and provides a much smoother experience than your everyday horror game. To add to the smooth graphics, “At Dead of Night” is a point-and-click style game and adds an uneasy feeling to the player playing it.

The game is a fairly new game to hit the market. Coming out in November of 2020 it’s been loved by many gamers and has gained a massive following. The game is currently available on Steam for $14.99, a very good price for this style of game.

When the game starts, you play as a girl named Maya who is in a town with her friends for a music festival. They go to check into the Sea View Hotel and stay there for the night. The proprietor of the hotel is Jimmy Hall, a murderous psychopath who has devilish plans for Maya and her friends. As the game continues, you see that Maya has the ability to see into the ghost world, or as it is called in the game, the OtherWorld. Your job is to uncover the secrets of Jimmy’s victims that still haunt the hotel by learning their stories and letting their voices be heard. Once done, you can find your friends and escape the hotel before Jimmy catches you.

These types of games will always have a certain appeal that many people will love and continue to go back on for ages. The style has always been so intriguing to watch develop over the years and get more and more exciting as the horror genre develops. This game receives a solid 8.5/10 as it is an incredible way to challenge your mind and quick thinking skills as you try to escape the hands of Jimmy Hall.