New Website Improves Way of Logging Service Hours


After completing service hours, go to Crusader Connect, under the resources tab and log your service hours in community connect.

Service hours are a way of giving back to your community, and whether it’s something you have to do for school or something you do by choice, serving impacts someone’s life in a positive way. People have many different opinions on completing their service hours, as some students think it isn’t the best use of their time and others think it is really beneficial to the community.

“I think they are important because they give you an opportunity to serve the community and give back.” said Sophia Pastorino, when asked why service hours are important.

Most would agree that after you finish doing something for others you feel like you helped them in a big way. Growing outside your own walls and your own life teaches you that you’re not the only person in this world and there are so many people who are in need of help.

The new way of logging your service hours is an online website that simply asks you a couple of questions and then allows you to log them. Also with this website, you have to turn in a paper with the same information so the front office has a paper copy of what you put online.

“Hopefully as it develops it will become way more streamlined, and easier for kids to sign up,” said receptionist Tina Chalfant, on how this new logging improves our school.

This website gives our school a more high tech look to it. It also gives the school a cleaner look to it and a more organized way of keeping track of all the students’ service hours. With this website and the paper form, it would be pretty hard to lose someone’s amount of hours or misplace them.

With this website, it’s all in one place. The only problem with this is students were never formally taught to log them in through this website.  This being said students may be confused about how to do it and may just never do it.

“If students don’t complete their service hours they will not receive their schedule for next year, and if you are a senior then the transcripts won’t transfer until they are complete,” said Mr. Bowline, Dean of Students.

There hasn’t  been many students who have had a lot of trouble with the website used for this, however, the upcoming class may have difficulty, if not properly educated on where to log the hours.

If you are having any trouble learning how to log your hours in there is a video on Crusader Connect that should be able to help you.