Chapel Changes

Applied Christianity is one of the most unique and diverse classes that Faith Lutheran has to offer. “The Applied Christianity class offers students a unique opportunity to take what is being taught in the theology classes and apply it directly to their own lives and to the lives of the students around them,” says an Applied teacher Ms. Gieseke. However, with a new school year often comes new changes, and the Applied format is something to be changed next year.

Next year there will be two high school chapels directed by students. “In order to make two HS chapels possible, we will need two HS Applied Christianity classes.  One class will be comprised of freshmen and sophomores, and the other class will be juniors and seniors,” says Applied teacher Ms. Heimlich. This gives an opportunity for more students to participate in Applied, since there are twice as many spots open between the two classes.

Since this is a big change in our school and the traditional way of running things, this will have an affect on student’s opinions in the way chapel is run. Miss Krafft, another Applied teacher at Faith believes “some students will like the changes, some will hate the change and some won’t care one way or the other,” on the changes for Applied next year. It seems these new changes to Applied will be exciting but will take a little time to get used to!