Rising Star: Madison Beer

madison beer


       22 year old rising pop singer Madison Beer launched her debut album, “Life Support,” on February 26, 2021. Beer has had a challenging few years which she lyrically portrays through her music. Throughout her career Madison Beer was in a public relationship, which becomes a main theme of this anthology. The metaphorical collection of music conveys a chilling, yet beautiful tone. She utilizes her melodic voice in ways that express her emotional struggles. Her sound and vocal techniques used in this album are similar to the techniques of successful female pop stars such as Lana Del Ray and Ariana Grande. Beer’s album starts off strong with an impressive intro including an array of harmonies varying from breathy to belting vocal techniques. Her astounding range of haunting vocals displayed throughout this track will give you goosebumps. The introduction leads into the first lead single and second song, “Good in Goodbye,” which is a smokey, yet upbeat and empowering tune as Beer waves goodbye to her previous boyfriend. While continuing the spooky and haunting vocals as displayed in the introduction, Beer chants clever lyrics such as “You put the ‘over’ in ‘lover,’ put the ‘ex’ in ‘next,’” making the chorus catchy and enjoyable.“Selfish,” the tenth number, features beautiful orchestra music at the beginning that is spine-chilling. Selfish introduces a sedate and somber mood to Life Support as she expresses her internal tribulations of her experiences with a fractured relationship. “Default,” “Stained Glass,” and “Emotional Bruises,” are other tracks on the album that are slower like Selfish.Life Support stood out to me because it incorporates a broad assortment of musical styles, making it enjoyable to an extensive amount of people. Unlike “Selfish,” the fourth track, “Follow the White Rabbit,” is thunderous and jolting. Follow the White Rabbit is a reference to the Disney film, “Alice in Wonderland.” This number adds a whole other aspect to the album, as it is harsh and unsettling, yet ironically enjoyable. The 9th song, “Homesick,” is my personal favorite song on Life Support. Homesick boasts an intergalactic theme, as the lyrics compare aspects of her life to things in outer space such as debris, stars, and the moon. This track stood out to me because at the end it features a sample of audio from Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty.” Rick Sanchez, a character from this show, says “I put a spatially tessellated void inside a modified temporal field until a planet developed intelligent life,” which adds to the cosmical theme of the song.This album is magnificent because it includes a vast variety of music styles that can be enjoyable for everyone. I suggest that you take a few minutes out of your day to take a listen. You won’t regret it.