Adele’s comeback

After taking a three year musical hiatus, Adele has released her comeback single, “Hello” which has met critical and commercial acclaim. Following the release of her new single, the internet went berserk with the music video breaking a VEVO 24-hour record, first day sales record, and first day streaming record. “Hello” is a power ballad that lyrically discusses the feeling of regret and sorrow. In terms of career longevity, Adele has defied the odds. Any current artist that takes three-four years without releasing or promoting any new material typically loses the public’s interest or fades away. Despite the long absence from the public eye, Adele’s talent is still able to attract a large audience and remind everyone why she is a powerhouse. “Hello” serves as the lead single off of Adele’s upcoming album, 25, which is slated to release November 20 of this year.