Catching Up With Faith’s Star Quarterback


Rylan Walter bathing the snap

Rylan Walter says being the starting quarterback is “nerve wracking but exciting all at the same time.” He explained in his interview how hard he worked in the summer to earn the quarterback one position. “I told myself that if I wanted to become the next quarterback for the Crusaders, I had to put in the hours to become a great player.” 

The Crusaders are currently 6-1 but are sitting in a playoff spot. It’s been one of the best seasons in recent memory for the Crusader’s football team. Coach Mike Sanford explained how Rylan has led the crusaders to such a great start, “I think he has played well up to this point, and I think his leadership has played a big factor in our success this season” He also explained that “Rylan has put us in positions to win and he’s grown tremendously since the start of the season.”

Rylan is currently in his senior year, where he is starting for the second straight year on varsity. Not only is he a great football player, he is also a fantastic student. He is currently taking five AP classes and has never received a grade lower than an A during his time at Faith. He is looking forward to pursuing a scholarship for football, but he is also trying to earn an academic scholarship as he knows that a football scholarship is never guaranteed.

His teammate Jackson Thorton explains how great of a teammate he is, “he is always staying positive and encouraging us on the sideline.” Rylan is the type of teammate to lift your spirits when the other team makes a big play. “He’s always hyping us up and also making sure that we understand what each play is,” Thornton explained. 

Rylan is an outstanding student, athlete, and teammate that people gravitate to. His leadership is one of his best qualities, as many of his teammates turn to him when they are in need of help. Rylan is a great person on and off the field, and his energy on and off the field is unmatched. Rylan is looking forward to the rest of his senior season and a deep playoff run.