A Sitcom that has you Along for the Ride


If you love classic sitcoms with creepy twists and Marvel, WandaVision is the show for you.

The show goes through decades of TV sitcoms but with a creepy twist starring the two Avengers, Wanda and Vision. Seven of the nine episodes are inspired by TV sitcoms that have been popular within the last five decades. Making many parts of the show fun and entertaining.

The directors of WandaVision did a fantastic job with the series. After every episode, you would be left wanting more and coming up with theories as to what the next episode would bring. Many enjoyed the cliffhangers at the end of each episode because it excites them for the next one.

Unfortunately, even after the season, there were still a lot of unanswered questions. As well as the episodes being short and feeling like they end a little too soon. Each episode was about thirty minutes long with six minutes of end credits. Besides that, the director made a great decision by making the last two episodes longer.

Even if you don’t have Disney+ you could get the app for free on the app store and pay for the month at just $6.99 but the monthly fee will change to $7.99 starting March 26, 2021. Not only will you be able to watch WandaVision but you also watch all your favorite Disney shows and movies.

The verdict on WandaVision is that everyone should watch. Overall, the show has a great storyline with many twists and turns that take you for what feels like an amazing ride.  Along with having actors and actresses who portray their roles phenomenally. Give WandaVision a try and hopefully, you will like it.