Faith family remembers Julian Castillo


Shayne Saragosa

Friends of Julian write messages on balloons and released them April 8, 2018.

One year after the death of Julian Castillo, friends, family and faculty gathered together to pay tribute to the beloved young man on April 8, 2019.

CEO, Dr. Steven Buuck preached words of encouragement to those suffering with the loss of Julian. He reminded everyone that, although the tragedy makes no sense to us, that God has a greater plan and eternal life for all.

After the devotion and prayer, people gathered around the family and released balloons with kind messages in memory of Castillo.

Student council members planed this event as the Heart of a Leader project for the Castillo’s to remember their son. Amelia Coumou, friend of Julian and tribute organizer said Julian was probably one of the nicest and funniest people she knows. He gave me a hug every day after school, and told me how much he loved me whenever I was sad. I would do anything for one of his hugs again.