Honoring World Down Syndrome Day


Mrs. Gravitt's "My Little Pony" socks embellished with a fur rainbow mane.

Today, March 21, 2019 marks World Down Syndrome Day, and what better way to celebrate than to wear crazy socks.

“Socks are the shape of chromosomes, so we thought it would be fun,” said Ms. Abbott.  Abbott is a teacher in the Mark 10:14 program. A program that supports students at Faith with Down syndrome.

Students and teachers are strutting around in their silly, colorful, creative socks honoring those who were born with Down syndrome. “When I heard it was going to be crazy sock day coming up, I shopped for the most wild and fun socks, in honor of Alayna Thomas,” said Mrs. Gravitt. Alayna Thomas is a part of our special Mark 10:14 program, and has Down syndrome. One student Ainsley Slaughter said, “I wore crazy socks in honor to support World Down Syndrome Day, because this is a small way I can show my support.” Students and teachers at Faith Lutheran are very excited about this day to help support the people all around the world with Down syndrome.

On this day people with Down syndrome and those who live and work closely with them, participate in events to raise public awareness, and help create a global voice. For more information on how to support to support World Down Syndrome Day click this link https://www.worlddownsyndromeday2.org/about-wdsd