Ditch day ago, even with snow


The annual Disney ditch day trip to conclude the class of 2019's senior week will still take place tomorrow, February 22, even with the mass amounts of snow.

Concerns and rumors have flooded campus today, February 21, 2019, due to the 7 inches of snow Las Vegas is experiencing that the 2019 Senior classes annual Disney Ditch Day may be canceled due to the weather.

However, at 11:54 am, the Director of Student Life, Mrs. Julie Buuck, reported that the trip is still on for the senior class.

“We are praying for good weather and safe travels! The bus company is confident that all will be well for our journey!” said Buuck via mass email to the class of 2019.

Disney Ditch Day is a tradition that was started by a Faith alumni in 2009, along with senior week and its festivities.

Snow fall in the valley is so rare that safety is the top concern for the students and faculty traveling to Disneyland and back tomorrow. But, safety is the top concern for administration, who are confident in the safe travels for all tomorrow.