The future for Faith Lutheran


Stephen Schneider

Based on photos of the construction site, we can assume this is what the new building might look like.

It’s no secret that Faith Lutheran will be adding new classrooms at some point. Construction has made itself known in the past few months. Classes have been disrupted, and students have been late because of it. The construction site blocks off a section of the campus that many students use to get to the portables. Many consider it a nuisance, and chose to ignore it; have you ever wondered what might be there in the future? We have drawings, dates, and all the inside details that you might need.

We took photos from 5 different locations around Faith Lutheran’s campus, and outlined the foundations on each image. Each image was traced and compared to other images. By this method, we can geometrically pinpoint where each wall is going to be placed. We also accounted for fire codes and themes of the existing buildings. After refining the drawings, we have our final idea of what the new buildings will look like.

“There will be 10 new classrooms. 8 standard ones, and 2 specializes ones,” said Mr. Daning, Director of Operations. “The two special classrooms will be a computer lab and a new Business & Entrepreneurship (stock market exchange viewing room)”.

Based on this new data, we can assume which classroom will be the new B&E Classroom. We chose this one because it’s the biggest, and closest to the B&E sign.

“The construction crew is on schedule, and the classrooms should be functional by the next school year,” said Mr. Daning. “Teachers will move stuff into their new classrooms in July.”