The Famous Mr. “Egg”


Mr. Egger works with students on an interactive lab.

God knew what he was doing sending Mr. Egger to Faith Lutheran as a way to teach students. Mr. Christian Egger is very liked by his  students and started teaching here in 2017 as a student teacher for Mr. Blank, and stayed on as a full-time teacher the following school year.

He’s only grown with his students since then and is a very accomplished teacher and coach. Mr. Egger goes by the famous nickname of “Mr. Egg” and coaches track & field for long-distance runners. Students are known to love Mr. Egger due to his teaching style and how he can be stern at times, when necessary, but his wittiness and storytelling in the classroom and around campus.

One student, Emily Cutter, said, “Mr. Egger is a great teacher because although he is very understanding and empathetic with his students’ lives, he is firm in his teaching. He taught me chemistry and I actually learned it, other than stoichiometry, which I never learned correctly or how to spell; but nonetheless, a great guy!”

Mr. Egger loves to get to know his students better and be informed with the new things coming into their lives. He always makes sure his students are doing okay and is always there to help out when a student doesn’t quite understand the lesson.

He fell in love with science when he took physics in college. “I always liked helping people with the material in high school and always knew I wanted to coach. I wanted to teach any science and chemistry,” Egger said. His favorite part of being a teacher is definitely his connection with the students and being able to teach them and be around them.

He’s taught biology for three years. As of the 2021-2022 school year, he is teaching botany as well as chemistry and has a love for his chemicals and minerals.

“Mr. Egg”, a common nickname, is loved by the whole school and was voted countless times to judge different school events, speaking for gradation, and many more things to come. He said his favorite school memory was judging the 2021 lip sync, which seniors won. The class of 2022 voted for Mr. Egger to speak at the graduation commencement on May 22 at the Central Christian Church, Henderson.