Flight Academy Bumped Up to First Class


The Flight Academy has just been bumped up to first class with its new building. It features extra space and two more flight simulators. It will also feature a flight 3 honors class which will be the final installment of the flight classes

This new building is adding some more resources to the flight program. It will benefit the flight student greatly because it gives even more access to the simulators which were gracefully donated by the Oder family. Two more simulators will be added to the program so that more people can use the simulators. 

These students feel that it is good that this building is being added to the flight program. They have said that it will help with their journey to becoming tomorrow’s pilots of America. 

“It should enrich students’ learning experience even more seeing they won’t be in a corner of a library anymore ” Jack Steinmen, a junior at Faith Lutheran, said about the new room.  Jack is studying right now to pass his written test like others in the academy. He said he “Hopes to get his license by the end of his senior year of high school.”

“The new building will impact the flight program dramatically. It is definitely an eye catcher for new students applying to faith and that raises the program’s popularity. Also, having such a nice building comes with perks such as having a closed environment where you can focus on flight. Before we didn’t have a classroom and external pressures made it harder to learn. Those are just some of the reasons I feel the flight program will be improved by the new building.” Jack Oder, a Junior at Faith Lutheran, said about the impact of the new building for the flight students. Jack is also on his path to get his Pilot’s license in a few months. 

This new classroom is now gonna open up a new door to a new class. A new flight 3 class is set to be taught next year. It will count as an honors class for the few who have stayed with the program ever since it began in the fall of 2020. This flight class is built so that students can gain the knowledge of ground information on achieving their commercial written test. 

The commercial written test is required to achieve a commercial rating. But to obtain a commercial rating, a student must have a private pilot’s license. If a student wants to achieve a private pilot’s license, a student must complete their ground rating. The first flight class that all students must complete to do flight 2 and 3, teaches students and prepares them for the ground rating. 

“I look forward to learning the commercial aspect of flight because that’s what I would like to pursue as a career, ” Jack Steinman said about his opinion on the new flight 3 class. He also has said that he “wants to become a pilot so that he can travel the world by doing what he loves most”. 

“Flight 3 is about commercial flight this means that you are able to fly for hire this opens a huge variety of options for people trying to fly you can now make money for flying also you are one step closer to becoming an airline transport pilot which hopefully will be a flight IV when I am not in the school.” Jack Oder said about the up and coming flight 3. 

“It’s pretty innovative to have a flight school for 15 year old kids in their sophomore year of high school. I think it’s another step for Faith to be innovative, and it’s a unique marketing piece.” Dr. Steven Buuck, Ceo of Faith Lutheran, said about the construction of the flight building.  He said that the flight program needed to get out of the corner of the library and into its own room. He said that the cost of the building was about 1.1 million dollars. 

Overall the new building and flight 3 coming to Faith Lutheran will definitely benefit the flight program. It will open up new opportunities for the flight students. This building will not just help the students who are the farthest into the program but also the ones who are just beginning the program as well. If you do not wish to be a part of the flight program but still want to become a pilot, I will leave some information below about where you can do so. 


North Las Vegas Airport Address: 2730 Airport Dr, North Las Vegas, NV 89032 

Henderson Executive Airport Address: 3500 Executive Terminal Dr, Henderson, NV 89052

702 Helicopters Website and Address: https://702helicopters.com  2634 Airport Dr #101, North Las Vegas, NV 89032