Having a Job Promotes Responsibility


Faith Lutheran students find a place like Tilly’s in Boca Park is a convenient place to work.

   When kids are growing up, they either dream of a job or are told to get one. School takes up a lot of a student’s time and adding work to their schedule can make things more stressful and hectic. When handling education and real world responsibilities such as a job, some wonder how students are able to handle this type of pressure. Different students from various high schools in the Las Vegas area were interviewed about their opinions on juggling their education and work schedules. 

   Leigha Renteria, a senior at Faith Lutheran works as a Starbucks barista and has been working there for the past 5 months. When asked how she balances school and a job, she replied saying “I take a moment to myself, I have me time”, she explains, “If I ever feel like school is getting too hard I take however long I need off, in order to keep my grades up.”

   Payton Davis, who was previously a student at Spring Valley High school, is now a student at CSN, is currently enrolled in the dual school program. This program allows high schoolers to begin college while still technically being a high school student. She is currently an employee for Hot Topic and she has worked with the famous retail franchise for almost two months. When asked how she balances school and work. Davis said that school is higher on her priority list than work, “Although work and school can get really messy, I will always choose school over work, but right now I’m doing pretty well at balancing”. Following up on her statement, Davis clarifies her priority for school over work, “If it ever came to choosing between the two, which won’t happen for a long time; I know I will definitely pick school above a paycheck.” 

   Lastly, Austin Marshall, who is currently a junior at Shadow Ridge High school has been an employee at Tropical Smoothie, for 4 and a half months. When asked what his thoughts were on student employment and how he deals with balancing school and a part time job he commented by saying “I honestly don’t have a problem with it,” he states, “I know it can be a lot, but honestly it’s up to the person you just do it and get it over with if you can’t balance the two then there’s no point in getting a job.”

   Although some students may not have jobs, the ones that do have worked hard to where they are now. The students interviewed all agreed that it takes a lot of discipline to maintain not only good grades, but to also be a model employee.

   If you are on the job hunt, especially for a possible seasonal job, check out either the website of the place you want to work or go to https://www.indeed.com/ .