The Museum of Monsters at Tivoli Village


A creepy and unique halloween attraction offers a perfect opportunity to fill your social media pages with wonderful and frightening images. The Museum of Monsters is a free interactive experience located in Tivoli Village with life sized creatures and characters that you may recognize from many classic Halloween horror films. 

The museum is especially an amusing place for horror fans as the exhibit is filled with iconic characters from well known horror movies throughout the decades. Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Pennywise are a few of the many characters included in the exhibit. Stephen Kings fan Jianna Rosa is intrigued by the concept and is looking forward to going there. “My favorite movie is IT, so I want to check out the IT-inspired exhibit,” said Jianna Rosa.

This spooky attraction seems great for people who love celebrating the holiday. Halloween lover Alexa Fitch said,“Halloween is my favorite holiday, so any spooky exhibit sounds like lots of fun to me.” However, not all people that enjoy Halloween are interested in the museum. “It sounds boring to me. If I am going out to do a Halloween activity I would rather go to a haunted house with actors rather than just taking pictures with props,” said Olivia Laurence. 

Halloween is just around the corner, so the Museum of Monsters is worth checking out for a no cost activity to get in the spooky spirit. Frightening photos and a creepy experience is a great way to celebrate this year’s Halloween. 

The Museum of Monsters is a free experience and can be found at 410 S Rampart, Suite 130, Las Vegas NV 89145.