Everyone Remembers, No One Will Forget


2,996 American flags were planted in the ampitheatre to represent America’s resilience.

Americans across the country were getting ready for the long day ahead of them. They were driving to work on busy roads, crowded with cars. They had just sat down at their desk and prepared for their 9 to 5 shift. Everyone thought it was an unremarkable Tuesday morning. Yet, no one expected what was to come. 

Everyone experienced those terrible sights. Perhaps it was a terrible flaw in the aircraft that made it crash into the building? Maybe some level of miscommunication in air traffic control? At first, everyone thought it was a horrible accident until they witnessed the second plane crash into the South Tower. Then, finally, everyone knew something was wrong when the scream of the aircraft sent the public into widespread panic. 

One World Trade Center (WTC 1 or the North Tower) was hit at 8:46 AM Eastern time and collapsed at 10:28 AM. Two World Trade Center (WTC 2 or the South Tower) was struck at 9:03 AM and collapsed at 9:59 AM. The moment the hijacked planes collided with the towers there was an apparent explosion, then an immediate eruption of flames. Smoke rose from the two skyscrapers, and it seemed as if the world was clouded in a haze of destruction. Debris fell from the sky onto the ground and people below. Then, as the enormity of the disaster quickly unfolded, people began to run every which way. 

When the two towers crumbled, America’s morale went with them. Everyone was scared, and no one knew what to do. But, it didn’t matter who you were or what you believed in; the phrase “God Bless America” rang throughout the nation.

Only the brave become emotionally vulnerable. Trust takes strength because lowering your shield is brave. Unfortunately, vulnerability often presents itself when we learn that this weak state is the first step to survive and be strong. 

All generations need to recognize the strength and bravery of the first responders and victims. The 20th anniversary of 9/11 was greatly respected by a Faith Lutheran student named James Vogel. He organized a flag-planting event in our school’s amphitheater. James and other volunteers placed 2,996 tributes in recognition of the victims of the tragedy. 

James Vogel said that the flag-planting event “made me realize just how impactful 9/11 was to America and the world.”

His goal was to enlighten the current teen generation about how severe and terrifying the event truly was. Because this generation’s children weren’t alive or old enough to experience the tragedy, the magnitude of the injustice and suffering could be hard to comprehend. 

James Vogel wanted to convey the message that our freedom isn’t free. People should never take what they have in life for granted. It is genuinely awe-inspiring to see a student who didn’t experience the event firsthand enlighten other people about the calamity brought to our homeland. 

Though the tragedy brought adversity in the initial impact, America’s unity was the outcome. September 11th, 2001, will be a day no one forgets. However, everyone must carry on the legacy of how America rebounded with resilience.