Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Leaving the Royal Family


Picture taken in London, England by FLNN Editor, Jenna Wieners

Why Prince Harry and Meghan Left the Royal Family and How that Affects the Rest of England and the World?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to step down as senior members of the Royal Family and are planning to move to Canada. According to a statement the couple made earlier in the month, they, “intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and [will] work to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen.” Because of this, many people are concerned about the future of the Royal Family itself and the monarchy as a whole in England.

Essentially, Meghan and Harry are stepping down from the high ranks of the Royal Family and are no longer receiving money from the Sovereign Grant, which is a fund sponsored by the U.K. government for the Royal Family and its official business. When the Royals are accepting this money, they are signing onto a set of regulations that allow the press into many events in the family’s daily life.

It was not a big surprise to many people that the two did decide to leave the family as they have received a lot of backlash from the media over their unconventional family makeup. Meghan Markle is an American actress and got plenty of backlash when entering the Royal Family, when marrying Prince Harry in May of 2018. Many have noticed the way the British Press has talked about the couple and how they have reacted in a respectful but seemingly upset way to the unfair media coverage. It seems as though the couple would like to step out of the stoplight and be able to choose the events they are involved in and what is covered about their lives.

The real reason Prince Harry and Meghan are leaving the Royal Family is unknown and the couple hasn’t directly stated their reasoning for this change but there are many speculations. The unfair media coverage and the alleged personal arguments Prince Harry is involved in with Prince Charles and William could have had an effect on the family’s personal decision to not only step out of the Royal Family but leave Great Britain all-together. Two statements that stuck out to commenters were Meghan’s quote of, “not many people have asked if I am okay,” and Harry’s quote, “[I] will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mom.” Harry wants to support his family and that is his priority. This is what Harry believes is best for his wife, son, and any future members of their family. The couple also does not have to worry about their personal economic issues. Meghan has savings from her career as an actress and Prince Harry is still receiving money apart from the Grant through a seven-figure yearly allowance and variety of investments inherited from his mother, Diana.

The media is pretty sure Prince Harry and Meghan are going to be okay on their own as they have enough funds, they have each other, and they seem happier now that they have made this decision. The Royal Family itself will be changed because of their leaving, but nothing that is serious enough to press urgent concerns. For example, many of their duties and events will be assigned to other members of the family, the two cannot directly serve the Queen, and their own personal charity will not be directly supported by the monarchy. The only issue the couple could face with this decision is the raising of their son Archie without the support of the Sovereign Grant, and their next child will not be a royal baby. The couple will be able to enjoy their lives without unwanted media attention, but what does the decision mean for the rest of the monarchy in Great Britain?

It is truly unknown what the actual repercussions of the couples step down will mean for the British Empire, but we can all be sure the world will go on. Since Prince Harry is sixth in line for the throne, he will never actually be King so there is little worry that there will be a problem with the throne itself, however the effect of the decision on the monarchy of England as a whole is greatly debated. Some say that stuff like this has happened over the course of monarchies in the world and business went on as usual, especially when the people leaving are a duke and dutchess, not in line for the throne. Others say that it is not a matter of what exactly is going on with the throne but what precedent the couple leaving will set on England and what the monarchy will do with this decision. The monarchy is not going to go into any sort of immediate collapse and will continue on without the couple, however a precedent has been set and the monarchy will have to deal with the loss of an important couple in their community.

The couple’s decision is complicated and controversial, but what would you do?

“If I were them, I would probably do the same. Just because you are born into royalty doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to live your own life in private without the stress of being part of that family,” said Jonah Schoenmann, FLHS junior.

“I think what Meghan Markle did to the royal family is saddening. She should have never married into the family if she was going to break away from it. She betrayed the Queen and her royal duties as Duchess of Sussex. [I believe] she was too naive for this responsibility,” said Chloe Lehman, FLHS junior.

“If I was in love, I would do the same thing because it is anything for love,” said Faith Warner, FLHS junior.

“I feel like it would be my decision to leave with my spouse and have our own life other than the royal family [who is] trying to control it. There are other people to take their place,” said Kendall Bear, FLHS sophomore.

“I completely understand their decision and I agree with it. The way the British media has treated Meghan has been cruel and I’m sure it has been painful for the entire family. Given the way Harry’s mom died, it is totally reasonable that Harry and Meghan would want to have their own private lives away from the British media’s constant scrutiny,” said Cat Yackira, FLHS senior.

Why do so many People Agree with this Decision? 

Though the decision to leave the Royal Family is controversial for many reporters and other high standing individuals, the majority of Faith Lutheran students agree with the couple’s decision. Many believe that it is their choice to do what they want with their lives and if that means stepping down from the Royal Family, that is their decision. A large group of students found that they would do the same thing if they were put into the couple’s shoes, and do not blame the two for their wanting to get out of what seems like a toxic situation. In conclusion, many people believe it is the family’s decision to make and since there will not be immediate consequences to anyone but the family themselves, the couple can do as they see fit for their own personal situation and future happiness.