Faith Students Blasted Off to Baja


Shayne Saragosa

Family receiving the keys to their new house built by Faith Lutheran Students.

On January 17 a group of 64 Faith students went on the annual mission trip to Mexico. They had the intention of helping build 3 homes while learning more about the culture and connecting with the locals, all the students on this trip where excited and anxious to get a move on! Once students arrived at the sites “an instant connection was made with the families” said Mark Aguilar. These students shared bonds with these families who had nothing, also strengthening their faith and relationships with each other. This trip was more than just about building a house for a good cause, it was about these students growing as people to appreciate more than what meets the eye.

If you didn’t already know about this mission trip, Baja Bound, a charity supporting the cause, was also started by Shayne Saragosa and Hailey Haas. They collect shoes, clothing, and sell burritos and churros all for Baja Bounds program BEI. We hope students in the Faith community will continue to support this endeavor, and every year more and more students will look forward to experiencing this once in lifetime opportunity.