Helping Hands Across Borders


Shayne Saragosa

Family receiving the keys to their new house built by Faith Lutheran Students.

Quieres ir a Baja, Mexico? If you are interested in going on the Mexico mission trip but want to learn more, you’ve come to the right place.

On October 29, there was an informational meeting for the trip. The leader of the mission, Mr. Pendley, explained that they opened 50 spots for the trip at first, which filled up within the first day. He continued to add extra space for students who want a spot on the Mexico mission trip, which ended up being a huge success.

Riley Saragosa, a freshman, went on the mission trip last year said he recommends the trip to anyone interested in this type of service. “I went cause I thought it would be a fun learning experience, Saragosa said,  “I was right, “We basically built houses and had a fun time,” said Saragosa.

Speaking of Saragosa, Shayne Saragosa and Hailey Haas are planing your December and January charity of the month. The charity is called Baja Blessings and was created in order to raise awareness for BEI, a program which raises money to send kids in poor circumstances to college. Shayne and Hailey said, “We decided to create this charity after going to Mexico three years in a row and falling in love with the community.”

With many students going on this Mission Trip if you are still wanting to go, contact Mr. Pendley or Mrs.Buuck about it for any information on the trip and to see if there are still spots available. The cost of the trip is $900 includes transportation, lodging, food, building materials, etc. The trip dates are January 17 -23, 2020 in the Ensenada area, Baja, Mexico. For any further questions, email Mrs. Buuck ([email protected]) or Mr. Pendley ([email protected]).