Graduating Conservatory Visual Artists of 2017


Alex Rodriguez’s “Egg Ice”.

Faith Lutheran’s Fine Arts Department began the Faith Conservatory of the Fine Arts with only seniors during the first year of the program, and released it to all high schoolers during the 2nd year. Besides the theatre, dance and choir, the visual arts department excelled since the Conservatory program began. For the program’s 3rd year, 3 seniors will graduate with a Visual Arts Major in Conservatory: Alex Rodriguez, Sarah Paglini, and Yuri Shang.

Alex, Sarah, Yuri excelled in Conservatory and the Visual Arts department itself throughout their high school careers. They have achieved this, by participating in National Art Honor Society (NAHS), private art lessons, art classes they took throughout their high school careers, etc. Many pieces of their artwork from NAHS, Conservatory, and their art classes have been displayed in the CPAC throughout their involvement in the program, showing their incredible talents as visual artists.

One of Sarah Paglini’s pieces of artwork for Conservatory, showing a drawing of a woman with her eyes closed.

“I like the Conservatory, because it challenges me,” says senior Sarah Paglini. “I end up getting a lot of different perspectives on pieces, and I have new opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise.” Sarah Paglini has been a student at Faith Lutheran since 6th grade, and has been a member of the Conservatory for two years. As an artist, she uses drawing and painting as her mediums. Her artwork has been displayed in Faith Lutheran’s Chapel and Performing Arts Center (CPAC), especially during Faith Conservatory’s annual fundraiser. She has also exhibited artwork at City of the World Gallery for First Friday in April and November of 2016. One of her pieces of artwork that shows a goldfish swimming was also featured in FastForward Magazine in September 2016. Sarah will pursue other career opportunities in the future, but she will never stop loving art.

“I have always been really into art my entire life,” says Sarah Paglini. “So, when the Conservatory program started, I was in every art class possible at Faith. It was just another art program to be a part of.” Like Sarah, Alex Rodriguez has been in Conservatory for two years. He uses photography as his medium, and has taken photos of many subjects, such as melted ice with graffiti on it. Some of his artwork has been displayed in the CPAC, City of the World Gallery, and the 2017 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Gallery at the Springs Preserve. As an artist, Alex won three awards from the 2017 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for his artwork, which were two silver key awards and an honorable mention. Some of his artwork was also featured in an article about himself and his artwork in FastForward Magazine in September 2016. As a member of Conservatory, Alex wants to continue pursuing photography as a commercial or visual photographer in the future. “I would say my parents want me to do anything that I want to do as long as I am the best at it,” says Alex. “As long as I push myself to be the best or to be the best at myself and what I can do.”

Yuri Shang’s 2017 National Art Honor Society High School Art Show Piece.

Yuri Shang has been a member of Conservatory for one year. Even though this is his first year as a Visual Arts student in Conservatory, Yuri has been working on art since his freshman year of high school. His artwork has been displayed in the CPAC throughout his high school career, and at City of the World Gallery during April and November of 2016. He plans to pursue either video design or screenwriting after high school. Yuri uses drawing as one of his mediums, and always has a story for each piece of artwork he works on. “What inspires me is stories,” says Yuri. “You can narrate something through drawing. We are meant to tell stories. If I am able to express it through visual mediums, I find that pretty inspiring.” Yuri, Alex, and Sarah will graduate from Faith Lutheran High School this year on Friday, June 2nd, 2017 at Canyon Ridge Christian Church.