The “Sweetener” Smell on the Market

Grande Perfume

R.E.M. Perfume Review
27 year old pop singer, Ariana Grande, released her seventh perfume, R.E.M., on August 19, 2020. Grande named this perfume after her fourth track on her fourth studio album, “Sweetener.”R.E.M. is the stage of sleep when your brain is almost as active as when you are awake. Just a slim veil detaches you from reality as you fall deep into a dreamscape of your own imagination. Grande portrays this theme of a dreamlike world in the design and cover art of the perfume. The packaging for the perfume is an alluring celestial box covered in galactic artwork including the use of iridescent material and vivid colors.  The most prominent notes of this perfume are lavender, marshmallow, and salted caramel. The background or less prominent notes include pear blossom, tonka bean, white musk and sandalwood. describes the scent of the perfume as “clean and dreamy.” In my opinion the perfume is elegant and feminine.
The perfume bottle of R.E.M. is an eye-catcher with it’s gleaming crystal design. The container that holds the fragrance is a clear purple cylinder that sits inside a throne of crystals. The bottle is small so it is easy to transmit and carry throughout the day. Regardless if you like the scent or not, the product is still physically appealing so it can double as decor.
The only issue I found with this perfume is that the scent tends to wear off after a few hours, so I usually have to reapply the perfume multiple times throughout the day. However, the perfume is easily portable, so it is not a hassle to keep on me everywhere I go. R.E.M. is luxurious and affordable. The actual perfume is available in 3 sizes 1 oz, 1.7oz, and 3.4oz. The prices in order of the sizes are $44.00, $54.00, and $64.00. Those prices are low compared to other luxury perfumes. However, if those prices appear harmful to your budget there is a less expensive option, the R.E.M travel spray. The travel spray retails for $22.00 and includes 0.3 oz of fragrance.
If you long to smell gorgeously feminine and fresh, R.E.M. is the perfect perfume to carry out that desire. R.E.M. is available at all Ulta Beauty stores, and online at