Make Your Way to Marucci


Are you looking for a fun, convenient place to practice softball or baseball, that doesn’t break the bank? Look to the Marucci Clubhouse for a membership.

Marucci is a fun place to practice that allows you to go in 24/7 and play your own music! The staff is young and friendly. They keep the cages very neat and are always socializing with players.

Marucci is located on South Buffalo Drive and Warm Springs. It is a nation wide brand with cages all over the country, and this is the first one in Las Vegas. They sponsor travel baseball and softball teams. The batting cages are owned by the UNLV assistant athletic director.

It is $100 a month for a yearly membership. This includes 24/7 access including when they are closed to the public, priority scheduling, and 30% discounts within the store, where they sell clothes and gear. Without a membership it can range from $30-$100 for 30 minutes-1 hour of cage time.

I always look forward to going to Marucci because the staff is so kind. Everyone who goes there is very friendly and helpful. It is also fun to go with a small group of friends at 2am when you can play your own music and do your own thing, with consideration to the facility. I would highly recommend getting a membership here for accessibility and to save money.

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