A Tale As Old As Time


Addisen Binderim

The cast gets a standing ovation for their performance of Beauty and the Beast.

The curtains are drawn, the audience fills the theatre. Giddy anticipation rushes through the cast and crew. Months of preparation, hard work, and unwavering dedication have been invested by everyone involved with the production. Let me be the first to tell you of the incredible results of every person’s efforts devoted towards Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast is an American classic that all Disney lovers are familiar with. It is a romantic fantasy filled with adventure and self-discovery. This story features themes about goals every individual strives for. Belle, the main heroine, portrayed onstage by Natalie Othick, teaches the audience never to stop learning and look beyond what you can see in plain sight. Knowledge and personal growth can feed the insatiable appetite for curiosity. The Beast, the unpolished hero, leads the crowd to understand that true beauty comes from within; it’s about being kind to others and not only thinking about yourself. Both main characters illustrate that first impressions are not always best! When observing this show, every viewer can take away an epiphany without realizing it. Most will even get away with a couple of good laughs!

Beauty and the Beast’s set design led to a perfect narration of the animated story. The crew helped everything move along swiftly and flawlessly. The costumes were captivating from the shimmering dresses, flowy fabrics, and brilliant colors. Attention to detail in each and every character went unnoticed. For instance, Sean Gallagher’s outfit, Lumiere, was fabulous. His candlestick hands gave an elegant flair to every scene! The teapot-shaped costume, worn by Madison Smith (Mrs. Potts), clearly envisioned a teapot come to life right before your eyes. 

“The costumes were a ginormous win for Beauty and the Beast,” said audience member Ava Hamernik,  “enhancing the characters and the set around them. Iconic scenes were brought to life by the magical sets and props and by the talent of the cast and crew. Beauty and the Beast was truly the best show of the 2020-2021 year!” 

Aimed towards certain expectations, desired satisfaction of the play was greatly anticipated by all. The Faith Lutheran Conservatory of Fine Arts has a reputation for displaying phenomenal productions. These previous acts have set a very high bar for entertainment, and every person of the cast and crew did not disappoint. Faith Lutheran’s Beauty and the Beast successfully highlighted every conservatory students’ talents and passion for theatre. Every actor and actress conveyed admirable enthusiasm for this play. Their voices sent chills down my arms and legs; you would hardly know they were high schoolers!

“This particular production means an awful lot to me mainly because it’s about persevering through adversity during this time. Talk about transformation! That’s the whole title of the show, said, director Erik Ball. “ It means a lot to me that the kids stepped up to the task of wanting to think outside of themselves. They gave something to an audience during a time when everyone needs to escape.” 

I thoroughly appreciated the pleasure of watching the members of Beauty and the Beast flourish in their passions. Beauty and the Beast was a fantastic production. I would highly recommend attending any future Faith Lutheran performance. The Conservatory never ceases to amaze its audience. Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2021-22 school year.