Journey Towards The Best Soft Serve


Oreo soft serve topped with crushed Oreos wrapped in a warm waffle cone filled with Nutella.

Nobody can turn down some ice-cold soft serve. With the weather only getting warmer, who can blame them? Somisomi Soft Serve & Taiyaki, gives a brand-new Korean twist on the soft serve you know and love.

Somisomi’s pricing is ridiculously low, at only about $4 per serving, and with more than generous serving sizes, it’s UNBEATABLE. On top of that, the atmosphere of the parlor is extremely unique. It has a modern Korean atmosphere on the inside, with open seating and “bleachers” to sit on, which is a pleasing switch from the “traditional” Chinatown decor.

The Korean soft serve parlor offers a wide variety of unique flavors such as; ube, matcha Oreo, and banana. Not to mention, the to die for presentation. Somisomi serves Ah-Boong, which is Taiyaki (A warm fish shaped waffle filled with a filling of YOUR choice), served on top of your soft serve. This combination allows for a warm waffle filled with delicious filling (such as Nutella or custard) to perfectly contrast the soft serve.

Personally, I ordered the Ube soft serve Ah-Boong with a custard filling. It was DELICIOUS. My girlfriend ordered a matcha Oreo soft serve with Nutella filling, which was also to die for. We both loved it and are planning to revisit sooner rather than later.

Somisomi Soft Serve & Taiyaki is located in Chinatown, and more specifically, off of Spring Mountain Road, in the Shanghai Plaza. Because of its location, getting my hands on some sweet Korean soft serve was a journey when living in Summerlin, but certainly a journey well worthwhile. So go, and try it yourself! You won’t regret it!