Football Season Back In Business


Football to resume games tentatively March 6, 2021

Starting on February 17, 2021 Governor Sisolak lifted the ban on contact sports. Clark County School District had planned on not having a season and all schools notified the students and their parents that no fall-winter contact sports would be happening.

Faith Lutheran planned on continuing their season out-of- state and had resumed non-contact practice for all levels of players. With these new results out, Faith Lutheran is now expecting a season with Nevada schools. Schools have yet to decide if they are to continue with a season or not, but the hopes are high to start a delayed season.

“One of our potential opponents is in the process of beginning in-person learning and playing football. One the situation has solidified, we will give you more information about our opponents, dates, times, and spring break,” Coach Mike Sanford head coach of Faith football stated.

Along the email the first game of the season will commence March 5 or 6. We are hoping to have a 5 game season.