Rugby Gains Popularity Among Students


Flynn Martin, a senior at Faith, is going for the ball at a high school Rugby game.

Just about everyone has heard of rugby, however, it is not offered as a high school sport here at Faith Lutheran. The alternative to this would be the Blackhawks Rugby team. This is a rugby organization located in Nevada.

This club offers high schoolers a chance to use their athletic abilities and aggression on the field positively and productively. Rugby is slowly increasing in popularity at Faith Lutheran, as more than a few students have decided to take up the sport.

Flynn Martin, a senior at Faith Lutheran and captain of the Black Hawks Rugby team, got into rugby “many many years ago while living in China.” It’s the only sport he has ever played since. When he moved to Las Vegas, he heard of the club through a few Faith students and immediately joined. Since then, he has recruited many players from the Faith Lutheran community, one being Jadon Lopez, an FLHS Junior.

This is Jadon’s first year playing rugby and after just a few months, he now considers it one of his “passions.” “Rugby is just so cool, it is better than football, you keep the game going… it is a constant game of fun and hard work,”  said Lopez .

Even if you’re not looking to become a rugby star, numerous players play the game of rugby to enhance their abilities in other fields such as football. The Blackhawks club is a great opportunity to get fit, be active, and have fun in a unique sport. Scholarship money is also offered to great rugby athletes, and this club is an exceptional way to do so.

You can sign up by clicking this link